At Symbiosis Foods, our genuine and passionate mission is to improve the general well-being of food consumers. Our company boasts of a line of organic, unrefined and 100% natural food products that are free of harmful substances such as chemicals, additives, gluten, cholesterol, non-natural preservatives, and GMO that can destroy people’s health.

These life-enriching food products include but are not limited to categories such as essential oils, toppings, traditionally processed desserts, appetizers, juices, vegetables, relishes, fruits, and so on.

Our non-negotiable philosophy is to concentrate mainly on high-quality, traditional, homemade preparations over industrialized methods to make products that will retain their natural taste, smell and colours 100%. Our company also imports the best organic foods from Europe, as we constantly encourage the consumption of foods that will not produce any negative side-effects in consumers. Symbiosis Foods’ mantra is that “it has to be 100% fresh and natural to be good for consumption!”

Our team are experienced and committed to the mission of helping food consumers make informed, quality-food choices. We have professionals who have worked as chef in Europe and New Zealand for 8 years. Our company embraces consistent Quality Assurance processes by utilizing the service of Europe-based Food Technologists and experts. We are in it to spark the Healthy Food Revolution that can transform people’s life, health, and finances. Families, we strongly believe, must avoid feeding their members with toxic and unhealthy foods.